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Gesar (on going)


Epic of King Gesar is the most well-known Tibetan ethnic epic in China and the longest one ever exist in the human history, the epic consist of more than 120 chapters and over 20 millions words and poetries, tells the story and epic of King Gesar, a half-human half deification character who claim King of the tibetan area and win the war towards evil and all enemies, save many lives of its people, and finally bring the peace back to this land.

Narrated and inherited by charismatic minstrel and tibetan buddist Lama since A.D. 11th Century, the epic survived numerous environmmental disaster and social revolutions of modern China, it revive as a newly born cultural icon in recent years.

The epic reflect the politics, social structure and lifestlye of the tibetan plateau and it’s people from ancient time to nowadays and future.

In 2017, i started to trace and follow the path of the King Gesar, visit locations and archeologies in Qinghai province, which believed to be the spiritual homeland of the epic,exploring the edge geographically and mentally,between fiction and reality .  

The works is aim to document the social and spiritual landscape base on complex clues and references from ancient epic,to understand the identity and to challenge the notion of being tibetan in mordern China, on what remain or lost in this territory under rapidly process of society transition.